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How soon we forget

This evening I had the misfortune of flipping across my TV channels and came across an interview between Tulsi Gabbard and Tucker Carlson on FOX which sounded remarkably like what was being said about Winston Churchill when he was warning the world about Hitlers true intentions. People forget that Churchill was called a war monger and ridiculed for his warnings. As Nevil Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister said “Mr Hitler is not the problem, Winston Churchill is”. Nevil Chamberlain did not want a war – his intentions were noble – But by trying to avoid a war he made it inevitable. In Fact his “good intentions” could be said to have led to World War II. “Peace in our time”? How long did that last? It doesnt take a lot of brains to ask the question “what if we give in and let Putin win?” What then? Well, history has given us the answer over and over again. Only the naive choose to ignore those lessons. Tulsi Gabbard is naive just like Chamberlain. And just like him choses to be blind to the obvious. We know Tucker Carlson does not believe what he says on Fox so no point thinking he is naive or stupid. Still, why give voice to a nut like Tulsi Gabbard? How is that going to earn you more money? Or enhance your star power on Fox? Its a mystery – legacy? well that ship sailed long ago. I guess he it thinking take the money now and hope for the best. Hitler said very clearly what he intended to do. He wrote a book about it. Putin has stated publicly what he intends to do. He has not made it a secret. Xi has also said what he intends to do. We did not take Hitler at his word. We learned from that terrible mistake. Thankfully most Americans and Western leaders take this new crop at their word. We are not about to let Ukraine become another Munich. We know what appeasement leads to.

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