Miles Copeland, III

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I have never been a fan of Tucker Carlson. Never trusted his practiced sincerity. He tells lies so well with a straight face that one can see why he gets an audience. I never saw him as stupid, just a charlatan who is out for money and does not imagine that what he says will be taken seriously enough to do any real damage. Catching a bit of his show today on Fox it seems pretty apparent that success has gone to his head and he has conveniently detached himself from reality. He also makes the mistake of presenting a point of view that is so narrow that it is obvious what he thinks. Sincerity works much better if there is some subtlety. But I dont think he really believes what he is saying. If he does he must be insane and I dont think he is insane. Just another charlatan who has learned that one can make a lot of money out of lying to the uneducated who dont know any better. Most people dont know history so they are destined to see it repeated. But one can make a lot of money out of those people. The problem is WE DONT WANT history to repeat itself. There were Tucker Carlson types back in 1939. Lets not spend money overseas. Nothing to do with us. How soon we forget! That’s why backing Ukraine is so important.

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