Miles Copeland, III

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From Democracy to Totalitarianism

The “progress” of Putin from his appointment by Yeltsin, Bush peering into his soul, the Russians singing his praises like a pop star to ever more authoritarian rule, having opponents jailed, or poisoned and eventually to his current Totalitarian position should be a lesson on what can happen to a politician who gets away with norms little by little over time.
All those supporters of Trump today who have seen his attempts to overturn an election that he lost should consider what happens if he gets elected in 2024. He could well follow in the footsteps of his hero Putin. Get rid of the 22ed Amendment to the Constitution that prevents him running for a third term. Making his son or daughter Vice President. Having Trump Jr. succeed him as President. Republicans be ware. If you make a monster to attack your opponents, one day that monster will turn on you and bite YOU in the ass.

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