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Damned if you do damned if you dontl

Today of Fox News Kevin McCarthy was again trying to attack the Biden administration for not sending arms before the Russian invasion apparently forgetting that Fox, many Republicans, the Ukrainians and most Europeans thought US intelligence was going overboard predicting a Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Russians said they had no intention to invade, Zilensky told the US to stop scaring the Ukrainians, the Biden administration did not want to give Putin an excuse to invade. Were arms secretly being supplied, yes, but for good reason this was kept a secret.
Kevin McCarthy never cared about the Ukrainians, he has been single minded about getting reelected and becoming Speaker of the house. Now he is just another Monday morning quarterback changing his tune as the winds change. The Reality is that Biden cant win Republican support no matter what he does. He is for something, Republicans will be against it. That is the reality of US politics today. Too bad Putin figured this out long ago and has incorporated it into his strategy and he is not the only one. In the US political scene of today it is not just domestic lobby groups that try to influence government decision making – it is foreign governments as well. The most successful foreign government has been Israel, but China, Russia, are not far behind. The problem, is in a capitalistic society it is easy to hide the true source of the money especially if money is funneled into groups that support your view for their own reasons. There are plenty of useful idiots to tap into.

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