Miles Copeland, III

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On my brief look at what Hannity was saying on Fox I was surprised to see he is still pushing the idea that President Biden is not all there and the rest of the world is mocking the USA because of it. He even showed a clip from an Arab TV station that mocked Biden. He seems to have forgotten that the most mocked President in living memory was Trump. Not only in the USA but almost everywhere around the world, The hair, the crazy statements, comedians the world over had a field day. If he wants clips to show that they are all over the internet.
Meanwhile, any country that was not sympathetic to the US would of course have negative coverage of a US President. Strange that an American on American media would do the same. Then again, Hannity cannot be accused of being pro American – unless he can twist it to be pro Trump.
Lets not forget the fun shows like “Spitting Image” had with President Regan. “The Presidents Brain is Missing!” was a great one that hinted that Nancy Regan was really running the show. The show brutalized Thatcher and just about everyone else as well. That’s what comedians do.
In fact, compared to Trump, President Biden is not in the comedian league with Trump. Trump was so nuts it was great comedian fodder. Biden is too normal. I will bet there are many comedians who miss Trump – not for his politics but for his nutty statements.

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