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Real interests

It is in the long term interests of the US to have alliances with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Australia in the East and with Europe, NATO, Russia and Ukraine in the West. That would create a fairly even balance with China. Such a balance would likely build a lasting stability where both sides could get on and build economically AND deal with the real threat everyone faces which is the growing problem of climate change.
While Russia remains an outlier there will be dislocation in in the long term as well as short term and the real issue will not be solved. For Russia to keep thinking it should be a superpower is as out of date as it became for the UK, France. Spain and every other empire of the past.
Meanwhile, as with most dictators from the past, they eventually bite off more than they can chew. It happened to Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Hitler and so many others. Now it is Putin’s turn. With any luck his time will pass quickly and Russia can reenter the world where it should be and we can focus on the real challenge humanity faces.
We can keep putting off dealing with difficult and expensive problems but one day we cant avoid the problem. If history is any guide we will probably be too late.

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