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In spite of the tragic events we see every hour on out TV screens inflicted by the Putin war on Ukraine, – taking a dispassionate view (if possible?) it is interesting to see the reaction of the media – especially Fox “News”, Aside from some excellent reporting from the field, the pundits, the bimbo brigade, and appeasement types like useful idiot Tucker Carlson, Fox cannot help but use every opportunity to either make fun of the President and Vice President and all Democrats in general or belittle all policies as if there is an election happening next week and Fox is 100% supporting the Republicans and the Trump fans within that party. Easy to criticize if you dont have to take responsibility. Hannity for instance spent a few minutes with an impassioned support of the Ukrainians then turned to his usual mix of belittling and attacking the President and what he calls the supposed Democrat “radical socialist” policies like climate change. Laura Ingraham is almost worse as she is less convincing and adds a bit of appeasement into her mix. Useful idiot Tucker Carlson; well he has become very “useful” to Putin and appears regularly on Russian TV spouting Putin talking points. Why Fox has a team of obvious bimbos talking military strategy they know nothing about is strange given they have women on the network who are not stupid and can make sense when they are not forced to follow party lines. The problem is when you say something stupid then something smart the truth is muddied along with credibility. Particularly interesting today, is the support from the Fox bimbo brigade for the Russian producer on TV 1 in Russia who dared to call out what was happening in Ukraine and her shame for the propaganda spouted daily on the station while they are guilty of never veering off party line politics themselves.
Its tough to see the brutality of the Putin agenda and marry that to Trump’s cheerleading for Putin and authoritarianism. The only pleasure of this war is watching the squirming of the right wing media and politicians as they try to avoid unfortunate truths and associations.

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