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Oil vs. Renewable energy

There is a US midterm election coming up so Fox “News” devotes its narrative to attacking the Democratic President, Vice President and any other Democrat they can attack. Its easier to attack than defend when the defense has to face the consequences but the attacker does not. The main attack is on oil policy of the Biden Presidency. However there is one reality that has been missed but starting with what is an obvious truth. The US and Europe need to be free from dependence on oil, and gas. We can all agree on that.
Meanwhile; IF greater attention and investment had gone into renewables 20 years ago – then the need for so much oil and gas would be far less today. Climate Change deniers (Trump was one lets not forget) can therefore be blamed for the current predicament just as much as much as any current Biden policy.
The other truth is that no matter what policy is adopted today it will have little effect on oil supply in the short term. In the long term building solar electricity facilities can have just much impact as drilling, building new oil facilities, pipelines or the like can. The difference is that the former is the smarter strategy for the long term future of the planet.

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