Miles Copeland, III

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Iran has a great opportunity to eliminate the sanctions and sell its oil at the new high price. In spite of the over the top fear of Iran that has been encouraged largely by the Israelis, Iran now has a chance to rewrite this view by showing support for Ukraine, opposition to Russia, and willingness to stop its nuclear program. Its calls for “death to America” and “death to Israel” have never played well in the West and dont seem to have done much to help domestically either. Eliminating those statements from public pronouncements would lead to great benefits, and lets face it there is no intention of Iran to strike Israel or the USA with a nuclear weapon. Time to be smart and take advantage of what’s going on in Ukraine. As many Israeli leaders have come to realize, the Obama era nuclear deal was a far better deal than Trump’s and Netanyahu’s abandonment of it. Meanwhile our hesitation to respond to the brutal Russian invasion BECAUSE Russia has nuclear weapons just gives the Iranians all the more reason to want a nuclear bomb. The US should also look at eliminating tariffs from such places as Morocco which supplies phosphates for fertilizer. To Replace supplies of nutrients from Russia, we need to open up other sources and make it easier and cheaper for such supplies to enter the US market. The US has been prepared to work with dictators and people we don’t like in the past. We do it now. So lets do it for Ukraine.

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