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As a side note to the Russian invasion of Ukraine is the degree of surprise US military planners have seen at the sorry state of the Russian military. Not well motivated nor well organized but more than that they appeared to have impressive hardware but when we have seen them in action they are easily taken out with far cheaper small arms one man can operate. Putin has inadvertently exposed serious weaknesses in the military that he has spent so much money building up. The conclusion is that if he had no nuclear weapons to use as a threat, his forces could have been eliminated in short order. It means that for wars in the future large targets are to vulnerable and greater emphasis has to be placed on smaller weaponry that can be snuck into a war zone without triggering a nuclear response.
By the way, watched a bit of Mark Levin on Fox today. so much bullshit views, scare crap about Iran, of course anti Biden no matter what he does. Mark Levin is an idiot!

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