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Nuclear solution to Ukraine

My son Miles IV came up with an interesting scenario to solve the Ukraine war. It goes something like this: Letter to Putin and the Russian Military leadersDear Sirs, As you know Ukraine gave up its nuclear arsenal years ago with guarantees from the USA and Russia. What you do not know is that we kept three of the largest nuclear bombs. One has now been placed in Moscow and ready to detonate. The other two are also ready to detonate and are located in two other cities that we will not disclose. We are giving you 24 hours to cease operations in Ukraine and 48 hours to remove your troops from our country. Let me remind you. We have nothing to loose. Several of our cities already look like they were hit by a nuclear bomb. Millions have fled Westward. We have no wish to kill Russians. We equally have no wish to see our country occupied and destroyed. We are not kidding. If you do not do as we ask millions of Russians will be vaporized, Its up to you. Ukrainian Resistance Forces.

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