Miles Copeland, III

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Dear Fox commentators. I am confused. The US Government does not own any oil company and oil companies are totally in the private sector. No US company is importing Russian oil. No US company is sending any money to Russia, American banks, shipping companies etc etc refuse to deal with Russia. US oil companies are now pumping more oil as the price of oil makes it profitable. They also have over 1000 leases to drill for oil that have not been used yet. So all this talk about the US (read President Biden) in some way financing Russian invasion of Ukraine is in fact not happening? So why does President Biden have to ban Russian imports of oil that are not happening?
By the way, the US oil companies make billions in profits each year, import from over 80 countries and export to over 100 countries. In fact the USA is a net exporter of oil each year, As the price of oil goes up guess who makes more profits? Oil companies. That is the capitalist way.

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