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Who is Doug Macgregor?

FYI, I just watched a FOX useful idiot Tucker Carlson interview with a retired Colonel, Doug Macgregor claiming him to be a non-partisan, truth telling military expert who will tell us what is really going on re Russia and Ukraine.  What he does not say is that Doug Macgregor is a long time Russian sympathizer often appearing on Russian RT television, argued for the execution of immigrants who crossed the Southern US border, wanted Russia to annex Eastern Ukraine (Dombas etc) and Crimea, was a strong supporter of the Iraq war of 2004.  Basically he sees things from the Russian perspective without understanding that US interests are not the same as Russia’s.  He accepts Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as reasonable as a protection against NATO.  He does not seem to understand that NATO is defensive and NATO and the USA have no intention of invading Russia so there was no need for Russia to invade Ukraine.  Like useful idiot Tucker Carlson, Doug Macgregor unwittingly works for the Russians.

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