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The Polls

The polls tell you what people think today, NOT what they will think six months from now.  Polls showed Putin was popular six months ago.  What would those polls show now?  In the space of a few months Putin has gone from a smart effective leader to a blood stained pariah.  The leader who follows the polls is not a leader but a follower.  I am reminded of Margaret Thatcher in the UK when faced with strong opposition within her own party and the country at large – she was encouraged to change course by all but one of her cabinet.  She listened to that one cabinet minister and his reasons for saying stay the course.  She had the guts to think of what was right and famously said “This lady is not for turning”.  Turned out that she and that one minister were right.  That is a great leader.  With any luck, President Biden will resist all the critics who say he should change course.  Those critics are as wrong as all those that tried to get Margaret Thatcher to change course.  The polls of today are not the polls of tomorrow.  The right thing to do is always the right thing to do.

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