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Stupid Wars

The USA has had its share of stupid wars.  Iraq was a war of choice that did not need to be fought.  It was a war sold to the American people under false pretenses.  It was a war launched by the Political leadership not in defense of a threat.  President Bush’s reputation will never fully recover from such a stupid war.      

Now it is Russia’s turn to have a stupid war.  A war launched by its political leadership under false pretenses.  As it is a war with a next door neighbor that has a similar people (brothers Putin called them) it is even more stupid than the Iraq war which is saying something.  Iraq was a really stupid war!  Like Bush, Putin’s reputation will never recover.  One thing for sure.  In no way was it “genius”.  In no way can the leader that launched it be called “smart”.     

Putin stated his reasons for the invasion of Ukraine in a speech just over a week ago.  They were historically incorrect and the idea that Ukraine was a threat to Russia’s security totally bogus.  Add the assumptions we believe Putin had to encourage him to think an invasion was easy and a good idea – like NATO was weak and divided, the US was week and would not respond, sanctions would never be applied in any really harmful way, that the Ukrainians would not resist, etc etc.  All his reasons turned out to be wrong and every one of his goals ended up with the opposite happening.     

It is hard to believe that any leader would get it so wrong and launch such a stupid war.  In fact most countries and indeed the Ukrainians could not believe it could happen.  It makes it all to apparent that Putin is in fact NOT smart.  That anyone who thinks he is is himself not smart.  Donald Trump’s reputation will never be able to live down his statement that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was “genius”.  When we see dead Ukrainian civilians, women and children in panic, old folks in bomb shelters wondering how this could happen the message will be obvious.  Putin is a bad guy and

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