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Question for FOX

Dear Fox News, I am watching your excellent reporting from the Ukraine, with your reporters risking their lives in what must be ever increasingly dangerous situations.  I see the clips showing the devastation, terrorized women and children fleeing, the bravery of the Ukrainians. 

Meanwhile I watched part of the Tucker Carlson show on your network yesterday where he said we were NOT to believe what we were hearing, that video clips were being doctored and were “fake news”.  He asks why Putin is hated with a clear inference that he supports Putin. So that means your own reporters are giving us “fake news”?  Then he gave air time to a retired Col. Greg Macgregor who he says is the only one we can trust to give us the real news.  A simple investigation of this person shows that he is a long time Russian sympathizer with some really radical views, and often appearing on RT, Russian news.  Mr. Carlson is also often seen on Russian news showing support for Putin.     

Meanwhile all your other newscasters and pundits state clearly that Putin is a “thug”, a “killer” and has entered the ranks of Hitler.  They answer the question of why Putin is so “hated”.  BECAUSE he is killing innocent people in Ukraine and commuting war crimes as he does it!!  So why is this useful idiot Tucker Carlson still on Fox News saying the opposite to ALL your other coverage on what we are seeing?

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