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The news from Ukraine is getting worse.  It will continue to get worse from now on.  It will go on even if Russia conquers all of Ukraine.  There is only one solution now.  The removal of Putin from power.  Some Russian leader needs to step up to arrest or assonate Putin.  If we think there is another way out we are kidding ourselves.  German generals came to this conclusion themselves in 1945 but unfortunately failed.  The Russians cannot fail.      

All the nonsense about cutting off Russian oil is just that; nonsense made to score political points.  In the first place there are countries that will not go along with it.  The US is not the only game in town.  Second, any move to cut off Russian oil supplies will not have any immediate impact.  People are being killed in Ukraine now. There is only one way out and that is the removal of Putin.        

The danger for Russia is how the world’s reaction against Putin will grow as we see even more atrocities committed in Ukraine.  There is a breaking point –  and the danger is Russia is a nuclear power and Putin might be deranged.  Russians have to act before we do something stupid.     

Though the US and other Western nations cannot openly say it but we can be sure that the CIA, MI5 and others are working right now on ways to cause an overthrow.  Putin knows this as well.  AND lets not forget Putin has used assassination himself to get rid of adversaries.       There are some other things we can do.  First is take over the nuclear deal negotiations with Iran.  Iran can be a major oil exporter and now is the time a deal can be made that works for both Iran and Europe AND for Israel and the USA.       

Secondly, going after the oligarchs is a good idea but to make the point, AND avoid a nuclear war, sink the yachts.  That will get their attention.  As they move them from Europe to other places, hit them there.  That will also show that we are not kidding without putting us in any risk.

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