Miles Copeland, III

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As usual Sean Hannity can only say over the top negative statements about the Democrats and President Biden.  I wish he was not so predictable.  I always know what he is going to say before he says it.  Please Mr. Hannity, surprise me sometimes so I can watch your rants more often.  Your glib solutions to issues you are ignorant of and are impossible to do means I can only watch you for a few minutes before I change channels.  A growing number of Fox shows are now watchable – give good coverage and real news. 

Too bad Hannity is not one of them.What I found most amusing was Hannity’s listing of things President Biden did not mention during the State of the Union speech.  Hey Sean, what about not ever mentioning that President Trump wanted to terminate NATO?  That he always said how great Putin was?  That he held up arms to Ukraine unless they “did him a favor”? That he didn’t ever fulfill so many election promises – like having a great and cheaper health care plan, never replaced the Iran nuclear deal, building the wall and making Mexico pay for it?  ending the war in Afghanistan etc etc.

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