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Be careful what you wish for

The US is a market oriented economy where the Government can interfere to a limited degree.  That has its advantages and its disadvantages.  There are a number of Russian oligarchs that have expensive properties in New York.  The idea of seizing their assets and preventing Russians from buying property if the US sounds great – except if you are a real estate developer.  Lets not forget that the Trump organization sold properties to Russians and boasted about Russia as a main source of income.  

Then listening to someone like Nicky Haley who says Russia should be thrown out of the UN.  I am reminded of an old saying – “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.  Meanwhile Russia is too important a country to pretend it does not exist AND to imagine Putin will be running the country forever.  

The Republicans can bitch all they want, but climate change is real and it is already having economic impact everywhere.  Not dealing with it will cost more in the future then now.  So one needs to consider if solving one problem just creates another.  It is not weakness to listen to warnings of the consequences of climate change, it is weakness to not head those warnings.   

Russia is a nuclear power with a potentially deranged person at the helm.  Time for a cool head who works with allies and NOT alone.  Support Ukraine without triggering a nuclear confrontation.  Not easy.  One thing for sure, we don’t want someone to be President who thinks Putin is a genius and wants to build a tower in Moscow.  We also don’t want pundits who say they side with Putin and “why should I care about Ukraine?”.

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