Miles Copeland, III

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It’s time for news, not for political pot shots from people with amnesia and a political agenda.  It’s interesting to see how things said just recently and during the past few Presidential terms can be completely forgotten.  Even with what we see now on our TV screens from every news network, agenda pundits cannot resist the temptation to slag the other political party.  Amnesia is alive and well.  Half truths rule.  

Even so, I can’t see how anyone can forget how flattering President Trump was with regard to Putin and his Russia, how little he regarded NATO, and indeed how divided the country became during his Presidency.  I scratch my head in wonder when I hear Fox pundits say that Putin has gone crazy and then make no mention that Trump called him smart and a genius while they go on about calling President Biden “to do more” when no American wants a war with Russia, and the US cannot act alone anyway AND we see the Russian economy crash.  Also that Putin has been planning his invasion for many years, years while Donald Trump was President and cozying up to Putin, holding up arms sales to Ukraine while vilifying the current leadership of Ukraine,  Monday Morning Quarterback with serious amnesia. 

What is all this crap about America is weak?  I don’t get it.  Biden has only been President for a year.  Did the American armed forces disappear in a year?  Have we lost all our allies? Can we just hear the news – and give the pot shots a rest?  Please!

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