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Good Fox reporting

I have never been a fan of Fox, but I have to admit that their reporting on the Ukraine situation has been very good.  Their reporters in the field have not played politics and have called out stupid statements from some of the Fox pundits.  I am particularly impressed with Jennifer Griffin who challenged misinformation from some talking heads on the Steve Hilton show.  When it comes to the week day pundits in the evening it is interesting to see how they try to deal with the support for Russia coming from useful idiots like Tucker Carlson, and strangely enough from Donald Trump himself.  What got into him to say the invasion of Ukraine by Russia was genius?  Or Pompeo?  Putin smart?  It is nice to see that there’s good people who will tell it like it is on Fox.  Too ban about the pundits themselves. 

It would seem that the time to take pot shots at Biden is not now and much of the criticism is so off base.  They should give it a rest as it only serves to discredit them.

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