Miles Copeland, III

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There is no off ramp

Putin has made such a commitment to the invasion of Ukraine and made statements with regard to NATO and the Ukrainian leadership as well that there is no way he can back down. If he pulls Russian troops out of Ukraine without gaining the concessions he wants will put him in an untenable position in his own country and most probably force him out of office.  At the same time President Zelensky cannot back down, neither can NATO or the USA so any talk of an off ramp is dreaming. There is no off ramp for Putin.  He has to win or he looses everything. This is a man who has backed himself into a corner.  People might joke about the Julius Caesar solution but it is the best way out of the mess – unless Putin agrees to resign and go to some natural country that will take him. The danger is that with no way out he also may decide he has nothing to loose.

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