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Clear the Air

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has cleared the air on a number of issues.

1. All the world can see now why Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Rumania and indeed Ukraine wanted to be part of NATO. Those countries knew instinctively that one day the Russian Bear would again revert to its age old predatory views of its neighbors. Now we see those instincts were correct.

2. NATO was becoming looked upon as no longer needed – Donald Trump said as much – now the reason for NATO has become obvious

3. We see Vladimir Putin as he really is. 

4. We see why Mike Pompeo should never be President

5. We see why the Russians look upon Tucker Carlson as “Useful idiot number one”.

6. We see why Iran wants a nuclear weapon and why North Korea will keep theirs.  If you have nuclear weapons you will not be invaded. Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons and got treaties in return. We see how unwise that was.  

7. We see why North Stream 2 was a problem; and how unwise it was for Germany to give up reliance on nuclear energy.

8. We see why Russia did not want Belarus to give in to protestors. AND why turning the media and free press into state media controlled at the top. If you control the media you control the people.

9. The power of the internet to screw up the works and serve the interests of people with bad intentions

10. The gullibility of people to believe crazy things.  Tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth.

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