Miles Copeland, III

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They say words matter. So do self made definitions. Freedom is fast becoming synonymous with selfishness. ‘I want the freedom to not wear a mask and I don’t care if I make anyone else sick. Masks are not necessarily the greatest way to stop the spread of Covid but even if they help a bit no one should object to the minor inconvenience. Governments don’t impose mandates because they want to. They think it prevents disease. Meanwhile all of us accept the right of a government, elected or not to place demands on its citizens. There is no such thing as total freedom. You need a drivers license to drive a car. You are instructed to follow driving rules, speed limits and the like or you are arrested. You stop at stop lights. Taxes are required. Sales taxes are imposed. You cant cross the street anywhere you want. 

SO I object to the self described “Freedom Caravan”.  Should be called what they are. Selfish, me me and to hell with you caravans.

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