Miles Copeland, III

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Useful Idiot 2

It used to be that the “Useful Idiot” file was a heavily guarded secret among intelligence agencies. The last few years with the proliferation of “fake news” has changed all that. As one Russian agent quipped “who needs a file when all you have to do is tune into Newsmax or Fox and there they are in full view”/? Plus do you think Jim Jordan would believe he was on the Useful Idiot list? He would assume it was fake news and believe it. 

The real problem of intelligence these days is figuring out what is real and what is not. It has always been a problem and every intelligence agency has put out falsehoods but now those falsehoods are multiplied exponentially. It is so bad that an agency can put out what they think is a falsehood only to find out it is reality – or is it?

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