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Sleep Walking

Watching Fox and other right wing media there seems to be general offense at the idea that the US is loosing its democracy and comparing it to what happened in Nazi Germany. The point they miss is the reality that in Germany and other parts of the world that slid from one type of government to another few people saw it coming and those that did could not take it seriously assuming it could not really happen. Churchill saw what was coming but he was generally dismissed as a sensationalist and war monger.  Nevil Chamberlin was considered a hero because most people chose to not see what should have been obvious. Who wants to believe the world is headed to war?      

Those millions of Jews who were herded onto trains headed to the gas cambers really though they were going to work camps because they simply could not believe that they were to be eliminated. It was unthinkable that Germans could do that. An advanced, educated, Christian country? How could that be possible? Does anyone really think that if they knew in advance that when they arrived at the camps women, children and old men would be taken directly to be killed that they would have gone quietly? No way. The German people never thought Hitler would do what he did. The industrialists who supported him did so thinking he could be controlled.  They found out he couldn’t.       

The point is we humans have the ability to sleep walk to destruction – history proves it over and over again – We could be doing it right now. As one of the best rock bands I had the privilege of recording and managed (Lords of the New Church) once said “Open your eyes -see the lies right in front of ya”.

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