Miles Copeland, III

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Putin and the Ukraine

The big problem for Putin is by invading Ukraine it will convince the Western alliance that Russia really is a threat and breath new life into NATO, and by the way will destroy Trump’s claim that NATO is no longer relevant.  It will be a wake up call that will come back to bite Putin. It will also hurt China as when we wake up we will wake up to Chinese intentions also. The real problem is that Russia is a one trick pony with a people who will eventually tire of being a backwards nation dependent on oil when the world is finally moving away from oil. Russia is in no position to take on the advanced economies of the world. What he will be doing is what Japan did by attacking Pearl Harbor. He will wake up a sleeping tiger and it will eat him.       

Personally I think it is to our advantage to wake up now and pull together again as a country. By invading Ukraine, Putin will be doing us a favor.

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