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Ticker Carlson

Interesting to see Tucker Carlson finally come out of the closet and admit his anti-American leanings. In his Fox broadcast on Tuesday Jan 18, his pitch was simply it is Americas and NATOs fault that Russia is massing on the Ukraine border and “why should we in America care about Ukraine anyway?  Apparently allowing countries of Eastern Europe to join NATO posed a threat to Russia so who can blame them for being pissed off. What Tucker does not seem to get is that NATO was built as a defensive force NOT offensive. Indeed NATO does not have the capacity to invade Russia in any meaningful way and it has never even imagined doing so. Neither the US nor any NATO country has ever threatened to invade Russia. The opposite is not true. Next I expect Mr Carlson to soft peddle the China Taiwan threat and again pose the question “why does America care”. Or is Mr Carlson so stupid that he does not realize he might as well be working for Putin and Putin isn’t even paying him!? But then again Fox IS paying him so why worry?

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