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Perversion of language

The perversion of language goes unabated. The word “patriot” has lost its meaning. It now is code for the MAGA crowd. As such it is anything but its original meaning. The words “socialism” and “communism” continue to be confused as if they automatically are the same thing (which they are not).  Right and Left, Conservative and Liberal mean different things to different people. “Republican”? what does that word mean now? And the American flag? It’s becoming the banner for authoritarian tendencies, conspiracy theories etc. “Traitor”? 

Now it means the side that does not believe what I want to believe. We are in a world of absolutes. If you are slightly to the left you are a “communist”. To the right a “Fascist”. There are no grey areas, no subtilties. Radicle? extremist? what do they mean now? Depends on what side you are on. What lobby you work for. 

Labelling has become an art form. I keep going back to what Lenin said so long ago. Gain control of the language and you are on your way to win the battle.

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