Miles Copeland, III

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All through history it is evident even the smartest people can make major mistakes. Major empires rise and fall. Super Powers come and go. There is no such thing as exceptionalism. Imagining that one is exceptional, or one’s country is, is the first step towards the eventual decline.

Today the road to decline is a lot faster than it ever was. Social media tells you what you want to hear so it is easy to live in your own bubble and be totally unaware of what is really going on. And social media makes more money guiding us towards the negative as it is more engaging. Money talks.     

Meanwhile, none of us wants to face any facts that may crimp out lifestyle. We can face them intellectually but not physically. Do I really want to give up my SUV even though the environment demands it? Do I want to pay more taxes when that is want the society really needs? Do I want cheap housing built in my neighbourhood to deal with the homeless problem? We are destined to react only when it can’t be avoided. The problem is, it can be too late. We are already suffering the effects of not reacting to environmental reality AND there are still deniers who say it isn’t happening.  Or worse, that “God” will fix it. As if that ever worked in the past. 

We are going to screw up the planet and are doing so in spite of what we can see with our own eyes. Those young kids who are speaking up are right. They ARE going to live in a world a lot worse than we have now. The die is cast. Now we hear ever growing cries about the USA and its democracy. A one party state, an authoritarian regime on the horizon? The reality is that the cries are justified AND not much is being done about it.  Make money while you can because bad times are coming.

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