Miles Copeland, III

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America First?

For all the talk of “America First” and how great we all are, exceptional etc, the Republicans, Fox, and other right wing pundits are painting the US as a country made up of idiots. Joe Biden has a real job in front of him trying to say “America is back.” It seems only part of America is back. The rest is somewhere in koo koo land. The problem it is a dangerous koo koo land.

Meanwhile the press interview these crazies and amplify their insane statements. I guess it makes good TV. BUT it’s about time they answered to those crazies to their face that they are in fact crazy. Don’t let them get away with their insane statements.

When Hilary Clinton said “basket of deplorables” she was right. Her mistake was apologizing for saying it. She should have doubled down and say that’s indeed what they are.

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