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Funny that Fox is now criticizing President Biden for not being tough on Russia when we all know that it was the previous President that was famously soft on Russia. Not only soft on Russia and Putin, but undermined US allies, NATO and the like. A conspiracy inclined person would think he was working for Putin, a “Manchurian Candidate”. As usual, Fox has no consistency, and no shame.

It appears that Fox and other right wing media are dedicated to be against anything President Biden and the Democrats are for. To sell their position they are happy to encourage the conspiracy theories and Trump talking points which for the most part were outright lies or at best highly exaggerated. A year ago one could say the same thing about MSNBC, CNN or what is termed as the “main stream media” spending time criticizing everything Trump was doing. They too relied on lies and exaggerations – however the difference is that back then they were relying on real Trump lies and exaggerations. The “right wing” today relies on made up lies and exaggerations. Trump accused the “left” of being “anti American”. Today it is Fox and the right wing that is “anti American”.

The tragedy is that today there are two clear sides and they talk in different boxes and only to the people that agree with them. The media has helped this along – in a way Trump was right. The media has become “the enemy of the people”. What he was wrong about is choosing the wrong media as the enemy of the people. It’s hard to deny that Fox, Newsmax and the internet have helped build the divide and separate Americans into two camps. Freedom of the Press never had to face the reality that money talks. Hannity gets paid a fortune to push bullshit. Who can blame him? His legacy, and others like him will not be good. But then he will be buried and long gone. Let’s hope that is not the fate of American Democracy. 

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