Miles Copeland, III

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In the current criticism of the immigration drama on the US Southern border the Republicans, Fox and right wing groups infer that the issue is totally down to the policy of a new President, Joe Biden. That is partly true but it is far from the whole issue. 

First, the Covid 19 issue has hit the people harder South of the Border and in third world countries generally more than in the US. People need jobs, charity or Government handouts to survive.  These are scarce in most countries. People everywhere have the will to survive and they will move to where they think they might survive.

Secondly the issue of global warming has just in the past year become a glaring fact that one can not escape from – even the Republicans now admit global warming is real and man made. Go South and one finds excessive heat and crop failures are becoming the norm so Global Warming forces migration for survival. 

And third, the terrible political situation in Central America goes unabated as it is in many countries of the third world. If you think your family might be killed in one place you will naturally look for another place to move to.  No matter who is President, immigration is going to be a bigger and bigger issue worldwide. It’s a tide that will be hard to stop until the reasons for migration are reversed. Building a wall is not going to do it.

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