Miles Copeland, III

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It used to be that one could disagree with a political view point – abortion rights, taxes, or proper role of Government AND STILL respect the person with the opposing view. BUT how does one respect someone who believes that space lasers started the California forest fires? or Chickens ate ballots and were then incinerated to cover it up? or that the election was stolen by Democrats in Republican states.? or that Biden is a pedophile? or that prominent movie stars and Democratic leaders are running a pedophile ring out of the basement of a pizza restaurant in Washington DC? and a host of other crazy Qanon statements?
Sorry, those views are just stupid and crazy and people who have such views might as well stick a sign on their forehead saying “I am either dumb or insane or both”. Then there are the media people and politicians who fail to call out such craziness – how can one respect them either.? We lost a lot over the past year. Thousands of lives lost with Covid-19 – thousands of businesses disappeared, truth and facts became fluid if not meaningless. We also lost respect.

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