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Anti or not

Just a view years ago a large group of marchers holding torches marched through Charlottesville chanting “Jews will not replace us”. Trump called them “some very fine people”. They were white supremacist’s who are part of what Donald Trump considers his “base”. – One would imagine that would make Trump anti sematic. Yet his son in law is Jewish and his favorite daughter converted to Judaism. He also gave the state of Israel things they wanted like the US embassy moving to Jerusalem etc. The point about Trump is that likes people who like him.
The marchers liked him and so does BB Netanyahu. That they represented two totally opposing positions made no difference. Does he believe any of the crazy Qanon ideas – it’s hard to believe he does – BUT they like him so he likes them too. The Republican politicians have read him like a book. Look supportive, say you believe in what he says and you get his support. It makes no difference if it is nonsense or not.

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