Miles Copeland, III

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Credit where credit is due

Interesting to see Republicans wanting to give credit to Trump for the speed of the vaccine creation while not mentioning at all the fact that Trump, from the very beginning (just like China) downplayed the Covid 19 pandemic and went out of his way up to this day to NOT ware a mask and make sure everyone knew he did not ware one. AND then of course encouraged everyone else to not ware a mask and made fun of those that did. And push non cures like hydroxy chloroquine. The stupidity of all this is that getting the vaccine in record time could have been followed with the President wearing a mask, pushing testing, social distancing and the like and he would have been a hero. It’s like a baseball player congratulating himself on getting to first base but then failing to get to home plate. Trump left that to Biden. One of the greatest stupid political moves of all time.

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