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For students of the media and how money making outlets that are in business to make profits look at how they frame the news, the battle between Fox News and the upstart Newsmax and One America News – all three going for the “right wing/ conspiracy theory/ Trumpian market” is interesting to watch. In trying to keep their once exclusive market, Fox has discovered that their audience is even more ignorant than they thought and the upstarts have actually drawn audiences away from them. The result is Fox seems to have further encouraged wilder notions as one can see with Tucker Carlson as a means to head off the loss of their audience.

Tucker for instance has discovered the notions of “replacement” and “dilution”, meaning his vote (and presumably the white vote) can be “diluted” by new citizens or immigrants (presumably coming across the Southern border and probably more likely to vote Democrat). It is true that an increase in the population means each individual’s vote is diluted. So given that one must assume Tucker supports the Covid 19 deaths that has reduced the population by over half a million voters. Furthermore he would presumably support a woman’s right to choose – the more abortions the fewer future voters.  He might even go so far as to raise the voting age. That would also reduce the number of voters – hence increase the value of his individual vote.  
Meanwhile we should look at US history. At the beginning of the Republic the common man could not vote. Only land owners could. Women couldn’t until just over 100 years ago. Slaves couldn’t vote and the black vote has been surprised even after rights were given. That means that for most of US history less than half the population was allowed to vote. Of those, voter turn out is usually half of that. So when the word “democracy” is thrown around let’s remember the facts.

Then let’s consider the Electoral College. Trump and Bush did not win the popular vote yet were elected President. In that regard the US is a “limited Democracy”. In Presidential elections the majority does NOT choose the President. Then consider the drawing up of the voting districts. Both sides of the isle try to choose the voters instead of the other way around. It’s called jerrymandering.

Worst of the all is the Senate. I live in California with a population of 40 million. The state gets two Senators. The state of North Dakota has a population of 762,000 and yet North Dakota gets two Senators just like California. Is that Democracy? My Senate vote in California is worth 1/20millionth whereas a North Dakotan is worth 1/ 381,000. Talk about dilution!!. Then there is South Dakota with a population of 884,660 and Wyoming with 574,000 (less than the city of Washington DC. who gets NO Senators.  Add South and North Dakota and Wyoming and we have a population of some 2.2 million voters who get to choose 6 Senators.  California gets to choose 2.

If there is dilution going on – which it is – it is California and New York that are most affected. Tucker: you want to talk “dilution” then talk the full facts not just a tiny fraction you harp about. If you are going to be pushed to be wilder by the Fox higherups then at least make it close to reality then the fringe tangent you are on now.

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