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My memoire and China.

With all the talk and concern about China – Republicans saying one thing, Dems another and both expressing concern it is interesting to note that I just learned that my memoire “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: My Life in the Music Business” has suffered Chinese ire. It seems the book was to be printed in China (still the cheapest and most reliable printing place these days in spite of all the talk, tariffs etc).

However the Chinese censorship authorities flagged it and stopped the printing because, for one thing, I listed countries one of my artists performed in was Taiwan – oops not supposed to say Taiwan is a country apparently. Then I commented on Mao’s bullshit communism. All fairly harmless but not to the Chinese censorship people EVEN FOR and export order of books. In the UK the printing has been switched to a company in the Czech Republic and I am still waiting to see what the US Publisher will do. Yesterday I finished the Audible version which apparently will not be affected. I guess it should be considered an honor to be banned by the Chinese.

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