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Democrats need to watch out for two things that could hurt in the midterm elections. First are the continuing and sweeping Republican efforts to restrict voting, particularly within communities that are likely to vote Democrat. Second, The Southern border. The huge influx of immigrants, most who are coming for economic reasons NOT really for asylum reasons give a big bullet to Republicans to use against Democrats. Let’s not forget how close the last election was. The immigration policy of Trump appealed to his supporters and even many Democrats fear how a new immigration policy that is more lenient to immigrants will seriously hurt when it comes time to vote in less than two years.

Imagine the dampening effect of saying 1. We don’t believe the wall is the total solution BUT we do believe that some sections should be completed and will do so. We will take the advise of the DHS tasked to control the Southern border. 2. We will continue and enhance our efforts to help countries where immigrants are coming from so they no longer need to come. The Democrats need to kill stone dead the consistent Republican mantra that the Dems “want open borders” (which of course none of them do). That mantra has worked for the Republicans big time. 3. We will work to build a smarter immigration policy. What we DON’T want is a policy aimed at stopping immigration from the Southern border that also stops immigration that we DO want; like attracting the brightest from around the world to keep America competitive.

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