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Fracturing cults

One of the things the QAnon people proved – yet again (as if we needed reminding) is how normally intelligent (and stupid people as well) can believe the craziest things. Eating babies in pizza parlor basements? Many religions incorporate some pretty crazy ideas as well.

Meanwhile, as we have seen throughout history, cults tend to fracture with time. It certainly happened to Christianity splitting into Catholic and Protestant and then many more splinter groups. It happened to Islam dividing into Shia and Sunni sects. The bigger the belief group, the more questions are asked over time and the inevitable happens. One question leads to another and another.

The same will happen to QAnon. The obvious direction will be to question the role of Donald Trump. January 6 did not lead to reinstalling him as President. Joe Biden was inaugurated and is obviously the President. March 4th will come and go and Biden will still be President. Trump himself will come under increasing legal pressure that will undermine his “mystique”.  Trump did not deliver the QAnon promises. In the end he was a looser.

Therefore the QAnon message should soon become that Trump was merely a stepping stone – a false profit – even the anti-Christ. The future will be the arrival of the REAL profit. Someone a lot smarter than Trump turned out to be. After all, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut even when it was wise to do so.  He was too predictable, and too associated with unsavory groups. The truth is his narcissism was useful in the short term but in fact a real sickness that could only hurt in the long term.

History gives a pretty good indication that QAnon will fracture just as all other large cults and Religions have done. The division will most likely be between the die hard Trump supporters and the false profit/anti-Christ supporters. Whatever happens, two things will become apparent. First; that the Trump people will be far less than now and the Republican party will have a chance to reconstitute itself. Second, and the real worry for the future – that a new smart Trump like figure will emerge and REALLY threaten American democracy. That is what we most need to watch out for.

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