Miles Copeland, III

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One can argue points of the Iran Nuclear deal but the end result is the point to keep an eye on.1. Did the deal negotiated during the Obama term stop further advancement of an Iran nuclear program – even if for only ten years?  Yes. Did Trump pulling out of the deal do anything to stop the Iran nuclear program? No. In fact during the Trump term Iran more than doubled its capability so the Trump action was unquestionably a stupid move.

Meanwhile we know now that Donald Trump never knew the terms of the Iran deal and only said it was terrible because that was to him “good politics”.  His interest was getting elected and looking good to his base and going on the attack worked for him. It’s interesting to see Fox “news” criticize President Biden for being open to rejoin the nuclear deal but of course do not mention the abject failure of the Trump policy. Iran is closer today towards building nuclear capability then they were at the end of the Obama Presidency. And it is all due to Trump.

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