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Watching Matt Gaetz, Josh Hawley or Ted Cruz might leave one either scratching their head in amazement or thinking they are digging a hole to bury themselves in. However, a factor that must be realized is that IF Trump is not convicted (which seems likely) he will be eligible to run for the next Presidential election. And he will be looking for a running mate. Mike Pence will not be that person. There is a void in the Republican Party and people like Matt Gaetz are assuming they have a shot at getting that position THEN running for President themselves later. That must be the thinking of Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz.  It’s a jockey for position dance we will see as long as Trump remains a potential candidate.

The Republican Party really is stuck. Trump got tons of votes and still has wide support because most Republicans still believe the lies and misrepresentations Trump told them. Media such as Fox and Newsmax continue the Trump message unabated and remain untethered to the truth.  They are following the Mitch McConnel strategy when Obama got elected – “my job is to make sure Obama is a one term President”.  It’s not ‘make America great again as much as it is get the Republicans (or Trumpians) in control again. So the Trump people will not see and hear media that will change their views. In fact some refuse to watch CNN or MSNBC as a point of principle. They have no intention of letting facts change their views.       The big question will be what happens over the next year or so. If Trump is hit with serious charges of tax fraud and the like and we finally see his taxes and find out there was indeed more going on between him and Russia his power should diminish. Likewise if Biden is successful in curbing the virus and all the Republican predictions of him moving the US into “socialism”, being soft on China, ruining the economy etc turn out to be just silly propaganda that proves to be false then there is some potential to glue the country back together again.

It is likely that more and more dirt will come out about Trump and hopefully it will begin to stick. Fingers crossed.

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