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Dispelling falsehoods

QAnon people are shocked that Trump did not take over the government and arrest Biden. In other words what they said was going to be true turned out to be NOT true. Joe Biden is President – Trump slinked out of the Whitehouse and is now holed up in Florida in disgrace. Of course we have seen that there are a couple of religions that have predicted the end of the world and when the date came to pass and the world did NOT end they had to come up with an excuse (they made a wrong calculation or some other excuse). Such crazy ideas have a way of overcoming facts and continuing.  QAnon will most likely not be different. If one can believe the “eating babies” and other super weird ideas of the QAnon people one can easily see how this jolt to reality can be overcome and move them back to strange and outlandish ideas.

Meanwhile, over over the next few months and years all the predictions of disaster if Biden won that Trump and his people pushed and supported by Hannity types will prove to be as silly and stupid as most of us knew they were. We have already seen the dire warnings Trump made of the stock market (“ITS GOING TO TANK”) did not happen. In fact yesterday, the day Biden became President saw the stock market reach the highest point ever.  Talk of “they are coming for your guns” will prove to be bullshit. Loss of “freedom” etc. by “radicle socialists:” (HORRORS!) will prove to be baseless.

One would hope that media like Fox and Newsmax would stop trying to sell this bullshit but I fear its just wishful thinking. They make all their money from people who believe such things. It is in their interest to KEEP people believing such things.

History will show that the last two Democratic Presidents came into power when the country was in serious trouble. Obama inherited the 2008 financial disaster and Biden the disaster stemming from Covid. Republican Bush came into a healthy economy as did Republican Trump. Trump’s contention that he inherited a mess was just another lie aimed at validating his “I will save America” mantra. Under Obama the economy was consistently growing as the unemployment numbers consistently fell. Trump’s contention that he is passing on a great foundation to Biden is as silly as it is false. The US is in far worse shape today than it was when Trump became President and Trump has to accept at least part of the blame. We will all see the truth in the months to come – we have to hope that some, or many of those people who believed the lies will come to see the truth as well. Fingers crossed

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