Miles Copeland, III

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The Trump departure

For a guy who has pushed “make America respected again”, “make America great again” Trump leaves the Whitehouse in ignominious fashion. The greatness of the United States starts with one of its greatest gifts to humanity – the peaceful transfer of power. Donald Trump has dumped on that idea.  Not conceding an election when it was obvious that he lost, not having the class and grace to invite the Biden’s to the Whitehouse as President Obama had done for the Trumps. Not appearing at the inauguration of Joe Biden.  Acting like a spoiled child not getting what he wanted – a poor looser pouting in seclusion as his anger festers and fuels his delusions. Trump has severely tarnished not only his own reputation but that of the Presidency and indeed of the United States as a country. Happy he is soon gone – so sorry that he has done so much damage.

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