Miles Copeland, III

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In the end we ALL have to be thankful that Donald Trump turned out to be just as stupid and unqualified as we thought at the beginning. I include all those Republicans who knew this in 2016 as well as Democrats. Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Kayleigh McEnany, Mitt Romney, to name a few. Too bad that media like Fox and Newsmax are still in stoking the Trump base mode to keep their viewers (in the case of Fox) or gain viewers (as Newsmax).

Hannity, Ingraham, Levin, Limbaugh, and the like have painted themselves with the Trump brush and continue to do so. Hopefully they will join those that refused to believe the Titanic could sink when it hit the iceberg. They believed the hype that the ship couldn’t sink. It did. Belief in that untruth led to the slow response that led to so much loss of life.

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