Miles Copeland, III

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President Clinton faced impeachment for a personal sexual act that apparently the majority of the voting public accepted. Clinton was re-elected. It was not what the Republicans went after him for. I remember those days and the fact that the Republicans could not get their head around the Clinton win. So one party not accepting the other is nothing new. When Obama became President, one of Mitch McConnel’s first pronouncements was that his duty was “to make Obama a one term President”. So much for supporting the will of the people. Prior to that Donald Trump worked hard to spread the conspiracy theory that Obama was not born in the USA. He used that lie to build political profile even though he knew it was a lie. He told us “you will not believe what we are finding”. Then never told us he found nothing. In that regard it is poetic justice that conspiracy theories came back to bite him in the ass. If you live by the sword you die by the sword.

The various Republican pundits can rightly claim that the Democrats did not favor Trump from the vary start. A “you started it” argument. In fact, seeing the videos of the Republicans back in 2016 most of them also did not favor him. Graham, Cruz, Romney gave scathing criticism – even his current press secretary heaped abuse on Trump. Everyone knew at the start who Trump was. They were shocked when he won the nomination. They were even more shocked when he won the election. Even Trump was shocked. Then the rot set in and Republicans reversed their positions to a degree many still cannot understand. The Democrats did not reverse their position. They knew Trump was a shit just as the Republicans had done at the beginning.

The really scary thing about Trump is that he got so many people to believe his lies. I think even he began to believe them. If he had been just a little bit smarter – been more careful with those who he attacked, what lies he told, he might have won the election and in 4 years the US might well have faced the birth of a dictatorship. In the end Trump’s stupidity saved US democracy.

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