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media restrictions

Fox and Newsmax are claiming the social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook are restricting speech from the right. From what I see that is not the case. Right leaning views are all over the internet with no restriction even on Twitter. What Twitter has done is restrict speech they consider potentially dangerous. The point is that claiming the election was fraudulent with no credible evidence – evidence that has been dismissed over and over by over 60 courts of law – does not constitute right wing views. Such views are lies that may lead to violence. Views that support traditional Republican values, small government, strong military, law and order, etc are on the internet right now and suffer no restrictions.

Meanwhile if a left wing group encouraged violence it too would be taken down. The issue is responsibility. Both right and left can encourage violence.  Free speech can go too far. The danger for Twitter and Facebook is the potential of laws coming in that open them up to being sued. Meanwhile there is plenty of media for any point of view to listen to or watch. If you are right wing there is Fox, right wing pundits all over radio, Newsmax and other outlets. Plenty of places to go to hear what you want to hear with little to make one believe there are other views that one should consider.

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