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Spin, impeachment and other things

It may seem a waste of time and a further division between right and left BUT there is a good reason to impeach Donald Trump. The reason works for both the Democrats AND the Republicans who might be thinking of themselves running for President in four years. An impeachment can lead to the prevention of Trump from ever holding Government office. That means he would not be legally able to run for President ever in the future leaving other Republicans able to do so. It also would make it difficult for him to retain as much influence on the Republican party as he has now.

Meanwhile the right wing media has already started the spin. Fox with the Hannity Ingraham types are already obscuring what happened. One crazy idea with no proof at all is that it was left wing ANTIFA types that might have been the invaders of the Capitol. There is plenty of proof that it was indeed the Trump supporters alone that staged the attack.

They also say the tech companies banning Trump and his supporters is an attack on freedom of speech – which it is. BUT then again what are they to do? If they knowingly allow falsehoods to be spread widely on their platforms they open themselves to culpability in the negative results that happen. In effect they could become party to incitement to anti American acts like we saw at the Capitol and have been espoused by President Trump and his supporters. Trump has himself been pushing to change the law to allow someone (like him) to sue if they feel they are not allowed to push whatever ideas they want to push – true or false. The tech companies do not want such a law to come into effect but at the same time they have come to realize that some sort of restrictions might be necessary. They prefer to themselves choose those restrictions rather than the government.

Ingraham, Hannity, Levin, Dobbs and others are in the business of “alternative facts”.  It’s the basis of their business. Trump may be leaving the  White House but there is still a big audience they can tap into so there is little incentive for them to want to change – why discover truth when it will loose you money? Besides other networks already do that so why be one of many? Better to continue giving exposure to lies as that is where your bread is buttered and (though growing) there are few competitors. We will not be seeing much if any change in those Fox type networks. The sad thing is that the audience that listens only to them exclusively will continue to believe the bullshit they believe now. We will continue to live in a divided society because the society listens to two different points of view and never the twain shall meet.

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