Miles Copeland, III

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election numbers

In November 75 or so million people voted for Donald Trump and 82 or so million for Joe Biden. If that same election was held today in the aftermath of the Capitol invasion that number would be much less for Donald Trump.  It is a mistake to think that 75 million are the supporters of Trump. At least half of them would have voted for any Republican who headed the ticket. 

Republicans vote for Republicans most of the time even if they held the nose and voted for a guy like Trump. Now that they have seen the true colors that would no longer be true. The reality is that Trump does have dedicated followers even if they drank the cool aid so they can not be written off. The real number might be as high as 30 million which is significant but no way close to 75 million. Of those probably half will never come to believe anything approximating the truth. They are stuck in believing what they believe and nothing is going to change that. As Trump said – he could shoot someone and still have support.  Joe Biden can say all he wants that he is dedicated to the idea of uniting the country – and he means it. But there is no way he is going to convert the committed Trump people. This is especially true because there are media outlets and right wing pundits who have a vested interest in perpetuating the anger the Trump people are told they should have. Division I am afraid, is with us to stay.

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