Miles Copeland, III

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Pundits are equally to blame

Interesting to see what Fox is doing now that Trump has screwed himself.  They cant just change course – especially Hannity and the other pundits who have supported Trump’s wild claims. Hannity and his fellow pundits have helped Trump spread the lies and infect his supporters with untrue beliefs.  They share in the blame. They know better and did it for the money so that makes them even worse than Trump – who lets face it is mentally sick.

The thrust is now Trump supporters are not so bad because Black Lives Matter people did the same a few months ago. The difference is this. Trump is President. Trump had a responsibility to all Americans. The Black Lives People are off the street and reacting to what they see on those streets. The Trump people are reacting to the lies that the President and his media tell them. Violence is wrong on both sides but they are not equal or the same.

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